Master’s Degree in Management Engineering

Management Engineering Degree Course. Excellence in every detail.

The skills acquired over 5 years (Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree) enable the knowledge of complex systems, with strong analysis, modeling and optimization capabilities. The specificity of the management engineer is his strong industrial training in areas such as enterprise management and organization, manufacturing systems, industrial and logistics systems.
The course is dynamic, continually investing in its core principles, namely: quality, community, internationalization, and business.
The training process has been ISO 9001 certified since 2010, perfectly in line with the new Ministerial regulation on accreditation.
Sense of belonging is a strong point of DIMEG's management engineers. It is possible for Management Engineering graduates to enter the community exclusively with their own means, there is no price other than skills and personal commitment.
Study periods abroad are favoured, as knowledge is power, and it is only by knowing others well that we can know more about ourselves.
Lastly, the company. What happens after University is still the University’s business. Placements on a daily basis occupies students in an attempt to emerge and to do better, regardless of the market situation. Hence the promotion of internship opportunities, compulsory for completion of the Master’s Degree, and the dozens of collaborations and demonstrations. For example, the Career Day for Management Engineers, and the Management Engineering Award that offers the possibility to compete for the award-winning engineer of the year: "up for grabs" an excellent paid career with a leading company and an employment contract.

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