Graduation Sessions

Fulfilments necessary for discussion of the Dissertation/Final Test
End of Course Application

To enrol in a graduation session, you must visit and go to the "Degree" section.
It is possible to fill out the end of course application only if the graduation session of interest is present on the calendar of graduation sessions which can be consulted at
Once the "graduation application" has been completed, it is necessary to send the receipt to the email address and attach the documents on Esse3.

  • Self-certification of pending loads of the residential center downloadable from here
  • Receipt of the AlmaLaurea questionnaire
It is possible to digitally sign the documents so as not to print the documentation unnecessarily.

Once the graduation application procedure is complete, a 50 euro parchment release fee will be generated and can be paid via pagoPA The student is required to respect the following administrative deadlines:

  • within 30 days before the graduation session, send the receipt of the graduation application by email to
  • within 10 days of the graduation session, the student should ensure that all exams have been correctly registered in their university career.
  • within 10 days of the graduation session, the Tutor should send by email the thesis in pdf format, digitally signed.
Verifications concerning the student's career and the regularity of the administrative position of the student will be carried out by the Teaching Area prior to the final exam. If the student fails to take part in the graduation session that he/she has enrolled in, then he/she must notify then he/she must notify the teaching area by email at the address:
To access the next session, it is necessary to present an application again; however, it is not necessary to attach the attachments already presented in the previous session, nor is it necessary to make a new payment. It is possible to write a provisional title on the end of course application if it is not possible to enter the definitive title. As soon as the title becomes definitive it must be changed by the student on Esse3.

Degree Dissertation

Dissertations must be duly signed by the candidate and by the tutor and must be stamped by the Secretariat prior to being presented.
The table below reports the number of copies of the dissertation that the candidate must prepare relative to their degree course and the subjects to whom they must be presented.

Number of copies of dissertation to be presented
Bachelor’s Degree Course
3 CD-ROMs 1 Student Secretariat
1 Department
1 Tutor
Master’s Degree Course
3 CD-ROMs 1 Student Secretariat
1 Department
1 University Library
1 Printed Copy Tutor

It is no longer necessary to present Bachelor’s Degree dissertations to the University Library. The CD-ROM must contain a sole unprotected PDF file saved with the following name: matriculation number.pdf. It is possible to download Degree Dissertation CD-ROM covers:

Any attachments will be zipped in a single file called
In addition, along with the CD-ROM you will need to present the duly filled out Dissertation Form to the Department.