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He Has a degree in Engineering (University of Calabria, 1980) and a Ph.D. in Machine Engineering (University of Bari, 1993). On 1 December 1994 he joined the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Calabria as a researcher. In May 2002 he became Associate Professor of Fluid based power machines. Areas of scientifi c interest: energy systems and renewable energy. He has carried out research in the fi eld of wind energy (wind power systems for electricity generation and water pumping) and in the fi eld of hydraulic energy (exploitation of small entity resources by centrifugal pumps used as turbines). Activities in progress include the study of equipment for energy conversion from sea currents and the use of gas turbine power plants for energy conversion of biomass and solar thermal power.
Selected Publications

S. Barbarelli, G. Florio, M. Amelio, N.M. Scornaienchi,”Preliminary performance assessment of a novel on-shore system recovering energy from tidal currents” (2018), Applied Energy 224, pp. 717-730
Rovense, F., Perez, M.S., Amelio, M., Ferraro, V., Scornaienchi, N.M., “Feasibility analysis of a solar field for a closed unfired Joule-Brayton cycle”, (2017) International Journal of Heat and Technology, 35 (Special Issue 1), pp. S166-S171
Lo Zupone, G., Amelio, M., Barbarelli, S., Florio, G., Scornaienchi, N.M., Cutrupi, A.,”Lcoe evaluation for a tidal kinetic self balancing turbine: Case study and comparison”. (2017) Applied Energy Vol. 185 pp 1292-1302
S. Barbarelli, M. Amelio, G. Florio,“Predictive model estimating the performances of centrifugal pumps used as turbines”, Energy, 107 (2016) 103-121

Lines of Research

LDA Flow Field Characterization in a Motored Reciprocating Engine.
Water delivery maximisation in Autonomous Wind Electric Pumping Systems.
Usage of Pumps As Turbines, for implementation in micro-hydro power plants.
Analysis of Cogeneration, Trigeneration and Distributed Generation power plants.
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers Modeling, for the treatment of air polluted by VOC or for the post treatment of MCI exhaust gases.
Study of IGCC plants with membrane reactors, for the separation of CO2 (in collaboration with CNR-CNPM.
Study of innovative turbines for the exploitation of marine currents.
Study of Brayton cycle power plants with a wide range of adjustment for usage in Thermal Solar energy conversion.

Thesis Proposals and Topics
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