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Domenico achieved is Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering on February 2005 at the University of Calabria with a dissertation on Finite element analysis of machining processes: innovative experimental techniques for results assessing. From Jan. 2005 to Oct. 2014, Domenico was tenured as Assistant Professor in Manufacturing at the Department of Mechanical (University of Calabria). From May 2008 to Sept. 2012, Domenico was also invited several times as Visiting Professor in the Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing, University of Kentucky (USA). From Nov. 2014, Domenico is Associate Professor in Manufacturing at the Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering, (University of Calabria). Domenico was awarded with the 2011 F.W. Taylor Medal of CIRP, the 2011 ESAFORM Scientific Prize and the 2005 AITEM Outstanding Young Manufacturing Research Award.
Selected Publications

The main results achieved in the researches conducted by Domenico Umbrello have represented the object of more than 170 scientific papers on international journals (90 refereed journal papers) and on the proceedings of international and national conferences. S. Bruschi, Z. Rysava, G. Tristo, D. Umbrello, P.F. Bariani, L. De Chiffre, Surface integrity of micro-milled EBM Ti6Al4V under clean lubricating conditions, Journal of Cleaner Production, 133 (2016) 932-941. J.C. Outeiro, D. Umbrello, R. M’Saoubi, I.S. Jawahir, Evaluation of Numerical Models for Predicting Surface Integrity in Metal Machining, Machining Science and Technology, 19/2 (2015) 183-216. G. Rotella, D. Umbrello, Finite Element Modeling of Microstructural Changes in Dry and Cryogenic Cutting of Ti6Al4V Alloy, CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 63/1(2014) 69-72.

Lines of Research

Traditional and advanced machining operations, in particular developing fundamental studies on the variables that can be predicted by using the finite element simulation, such as forces, pressure, heat flux, temperatures, thermal phenomena at the tool – chip interface, tool wear and residual stresses; Advanced empirical rheological models for hard materials such as AISI 52100 bearing steel, AISI H13 tool steel, AISI 316L stainless steels, Nickel based alloys (IN718, Waspaloy), Titanium based alloy (Ti6V4Al) and Aerospace Aluminum alloy (AA7075-T651) Study of surface integrity (residual stresses, white and dark layers, SPD, DRX and grain refinements) by numerical analysis and experimental tests; Influence of innovative cooling techniques (near-to-dry, N2-Cryogenic, etc.) and their influence manufacturing processes for enhancing the Product Life and Performance Sustainable machining processes; Analysis of tribological effects during forming processes;

Thesis Proposals and Topics
Please contact the Professor by phone or by email or you can stop directly in the office