Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Degree Course in Mechanical Engineering: growing power. Over time.

Based on the 3+2 model (Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree), the degree course forms highly qualified technicians capable of executing extremely diversified duties with a training programme which guarantees the knowledge necessary to complete the professional activities of a mechanical engineer. Training occurs both with practicals in the course’s numerous laboratories and through internships or intramural placements at affiliated entities, privileging the art of doing. The mechanical engineer trained has specific competences that relate to the production, treatment and processing of materials, the design and production of machines, of structural components, of plants and consumer goods, but also skills in aspects of organization, economic-management and more advanced applications in the fields of industrial design, virtual reality, robotics, design with innovative materials, diagnostics of material damage with non-destructive techniques, always a perspective of quality and safety.
The three- year degree course has two curricula: the training orientation that allows graduates to access, without failing to meet required standards, the DIMEG Master’s Degrees; the professional orientation aimed at students who, after graduation, plan on entering the world of work immediately. A bilateral agreement with the Bochum Hochschule (Germany) which allows students to aspire to the achievement of a double degree.

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