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  •  +39 0984/494604
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He is a Full Professor of Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering (ING-IND/15) in the Department of Mechanical, Energetics and Management Engineering of the University of Calabria. He received a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Calabria in 1989. In 1993, he received a PhD in Mechanics of Materials at the University of Pisa. He is author of over 170 papers in refereed journals and proceedings of international conference with over 60 papers on scopus and an h-index of 13. He is director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering, manager of the Physical Prototype Laboratory of Materia Centre and Faculty Advisor of Unical Reparto Corse. He is a founding partner of two spin offs: 3DReserch and Tech4Sea.
Selected Publications

Bruno, F., Lagudi, A., Barbieri, L., Rizzo, D., Muzzupappa, M., De Napoli, L., Augmented reality visualization of scene depth for aiding ROV pilots in underwater manipulation, (2018) OCEAN ENGINEERING, 168, pp. 140-154. ISSN: 00298018
Bruno, F., Barbieri, L., Lagudi, A., Cozza, M., Cozza, A., Peluso, R., Muzzupappa, M., Virtual dives into the underwater archaeological treasures of South Italy, (2018) VIRTUAL REALITY, 22 (2), pp. 91-102. Cited 1 time. ISSN: 13594338
Youakim, D., Ridao, P., Palomeras, N., Spadafora, F., Ribas, D., Muzzupappa, M., MoveIt!: Autonomous Underwater Free-Floating Manipulation, (2017) IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION MAGAZINE, 24 (3), art. no. 7906569, pp. 41-51. Cited 5 times. ISSN: 107099328.
Barbieri, L., Angilica, A., Bruno, F., Muzzupappa, M., Mixed prototyping with configurable physical archetype for usability evaluation of product interfaces, (2013) COMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY, 64 (3), pp. 310-323. Cited 13 times. ISSN: 01663615

Lines of Research

Design methods, with specifi c reference to structural optimization and usability.
Reverse engineering, with specifi c reference to cultural heritage both terrestrial and underwater.
Virtual, Mixed and Augmented reality.
Rapid Prototyping e Additive Manufacturing.

Thesis Proposals and Topics
Several topics are currently available. Interested students are suggested to drop by during office hours.