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She obtained a Degree in Management Engineering and a PhD in Engineering of Systems and Computer Science from the University of Calabria. Her main research interests lie in the fi eld of network optimisation. Other areas of interests include logistics, revenue management and robust optimization. She has published extensively in these fi elds, (over 80 papers) in a variety of journals, She has been and currently is involved in research projects sponsored and funded by the National Research Council of the European Community and of the Italian Ministry of Education. She is currently the Head of the Department, a member of the Academic Senate at University of Calabria.
Selected Publications

G. Macrina, G. Laporte, F. Guerriero, L. Di Puglia Pugliese, An energy-efficient green-vehicle routing problem with mixed vehicle fleet, partial battery recharging and time windows, European Journal of Operational Research, 276, Issue 3, (2019) 971-982
L. Di Puglia Pugliese, F. Guerriero, M. Poss, The Resource Constrained Shortest Path Problem with uncertain data: A robust formulation and optimal solution approach, Computers and Operations Research 107, (2019) 140-155
D. Ferone, P. Festa, F. Guerriero, An efficient exact approach for the constrained shortest path tour problem, Optimization Methods and Software, Article in Press, doi:10.1080/10556788.2018.1548015
A. Alves Pessoa, L. Di Puglia Pugliese, F. Guerriero, M. Poss, Robust constrained shortest path problems under budgeted uncertainty, Networks, 66, (2015) 98-111

Lines of Research

Analysis and development of solution approaches for network fl ow optimization problems. 
Defi nition, analysis and development of innovative solution approaches for combinatorial optimization problem.
Defi nition, analysis and development of effi cient approaches for solving problems arising in the fi elds of logistics and supply chain management.
Development of revenue management techniques for services industry.
Developing models and methods for addressing the project scheduling problem

Thesis Proposals and Topics
Several topics are currently available. Interested students are suggested to drop by during office hours.