Technical Administrative Staff

Useful Information

Claudia Rotella  works at the Research and Technology Transfer Office. He ha in charge the following main tasks:
• Manages relations with the Liason Office (LIO), the Special Office for Management and Information Process Support for University Projects and the Infrastructure and Laboratories Office, actively contributing to its activities and participating in the courses provided internally.
• Transmits the information acquired through ad hoc communications and / or seminars to DIMEG.
• Assist the DIMEG Director and Research Delegate in strategic Fundraising planning.
• Study Programs that finance research, (Community, national and regional programs) and disseminate the information acquired to DIMEG researchers.
• Activates and manages the database containing information on possible Partners to be involved in research projects.
• Helps the Director and the Delegate for Research to identify Research topics of common interest to multiple DIMEG Research Groups and to manage collaborations between the various DIMEG Research Groups.
• Provides support for the presentation of the Projects (eg compilation of department documents, interface with the LIO for signatures and presentation, etc.).
• Collaborates with the DIMEG Research Delegate in drafting the documents to be produced for HIS Research.
• Working in synergy with the Administrative Secretary, it provides support to Research Project Managers and research groups for the production of all the documentation necessary to be transmitted to the Control /Partner subjects.