Technical Administrative Staff

Useful Information
Giuseppe Campisano  takes care of the maintenance of all the DIMEG structures and systems and performs the following tasks:
- It receives reports of faults or malfunctions of the systems by teachers, PTAs and students of the Department by telematic or telephone.
- It intervenes directly in the event of small faults, also with the help of DIMEG laboratory technicians.
- If it cannot resolve independently, it reports the anomalies to the Competent Offices and requests their intervention. 
- Checks the functioning of classroom equipment (microphones, projectors, overhead projectors) daily and intervenes in the event of minor faults. Report to the Director the need for more complex interventions (purchase and replacement of projectors, intervention of external companies for closing and opening curtains, new microphones, etc.).
-  Periodically checks the operation of the following DIMEG plants: Electric; Water-Health; Water and sewerage; Heating and Cooling, fan coils, radiators and air conditioners;
Elevators and Hoists.
- Report any damage to fire stations or a lack of hydrants to the safety officer.
- Check the status of the parking lots and the access bar, carrying out any repairs.
- Check the gardens, and report any causes of danger.
- Supports the Infrastructure and Laboratories Office, actively contributing to its activities by participating in the courses provided within it.