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She graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Calabria, with the highest marks. She obtained her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the Federico II University. Since 2007, she has been a researcher in Electric Power Systems. She participated in various National (PON) and Regional (POR / PIA) research projects. As expert for electrical system research (art. 11 D.M. March 8, 2006) she was a member of the Evaluation Committee for the verifi cation of the achievement of the fi nal results and of the consistency, relevance and admissibility of several projects in the context of Electrical System Research. She worked for the assessment to fi nance the Research Project for National calls PRIN 2012, FIRB 2013 SIR 2014.
Selected Publications

Belli, G., Giordano, A., Mastroianni, C., Menniti D., Pinnarelli A., , Scarcello, L., Sorrentino, N., Stillo, M., , N. Sorrentino, G. Belli, A unified model for the optimal management of electrical and thermal equipment of a prosumer in a DR environment, Transaction on Smart Grid, 10.1109/TSG.2017.2778021 (2018).
Burgio, A., Menniti, D., Sorrentino, N., Pinnarelli, A., Motta, M., “A compact nanogrid for home applications with a behaviour-tree-basedcentral controller”, AppliedEnergy,10.1016/ apenergy.2018.04.082 (2018).
Brusco, G., Burgio, A., Menniti, D., Pinnarelli A., Sorrentino, N., Scarcello, L., “An energy box in a cloud-based architecture for autonomous demand response of prosumers and prosumages”, Electronics, 10.3390/ electronics6040098 (2017).
G. Brusco, A. Burgio, D. Menniti, A. Pinnarelli A, N. Sorrentino, Energy Management System for an Energy District with demand response availability, IEEE Transactions On Smart Grid, vol. 5, (2014)

Lines of Research

Integrated solution for optimal dispatching of generating power with the structural safety.
Stabilization of electric power systems.
The analysis of electrical systems in non-sinusoidal conditions and in electronic engineering equipment.
Active fi lter.
Modeling and control of FACTS devices. 
Dynamics and Control of Electric Power Systems. 
Automatic generation control.
Innovative Systems for voltage regulation in the distribution systems. 
Integration of renewable energy plants in power grid. 
Simulation model of liberalised electricity markets. 
Optimal and distributed power fl ow in the contest of Smart-grid and micro-grid.

Thesis Proposals and Topics
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